Who are we ?


Created in 2001 by Patrick Bugault, Floxia, a family company, specializes in the export of Dermo-cosmetic products.



With a permanent concern for excellence, we select innovative ingredients of the highest quality;

To help preserve, repair, awaken the ideal epidermis that every person seeks.

  • A philosophy guided by innovative ingredients and quality.
  • Products prescribed by medical prescribers (doctors, pharmacies, dermatologists).  
  • Designed to meet all expectations, at every moment and for all skin types.

By offering specific products adapted to each type of skin, Floxia covers all your needs on a daily basis.    


"An ongoing requirement for quality, thanks to the collaboration and unwavering commitment of a whole chain ranging from development chemists, prescribers, production technicians, regulatory and toxicologists, the marketing team and of course all our distributors and their teams of delegates. "





Floxia is mainly present in more than 40 countries:

  • Asia
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North and West Africa