Regenia - Gentle Cleansing Gel (200ml)


Daily wash for face.


Regenia Gel contains a special mix of vegetal extract mild anionic and amphoteric washing basis.


Enriched with aloe vera extract with soothing, anti-inflammatory and softening properties, Regenia Gel protects and maintains the skin barrier function, provides a gentle cleansing and depth.



Aloe vera: The moisturising properties are among the most famous properties of aloe vera.


Vegetal anionic surfactant - Vegetal amphoteric surfactant - Oil derivative (vegetal coprah): This cleansing gel contains a special mix of vegetal extract anionic, amphoteric surfactant and some vegetal oil derivative known for its moisturizing agent.


Extra Agents: With emollient, rehydrating and superfatting properties.




Apply morning and evening on wet skin.

Make it lather.

Gentle massage and wash it out.