Sativa - Moisturizing Soothing Fluid (125ml)


Daily face and body care for sensitive skin.


This fluid smoothly helps moisturizing the epidermis, prevents and soothes signs of neurogenic inflammation.


Breakthrough combination associating natural extracts with the latest ingredients issued from technology to smoothly moisturize and help reinforcing natural defenses.



Neutrazen : Helps attenuating skin inflammatory reactions. Reduction of neurogenic edema and skin irritations.


Sodium PCA (Nalidone): Moisturises the skin and improves its appearance, gives the skin a moist and youthful glow, has powerfull anti oxydant effect (Vitamin E) and hydration effect (Glycerin and diglycerin).


Colloidal Oatmeal: Reduces irritation and redness of skin due to abrasion. Helps to preserve the moisture within  the skin more adequately.


Linoleic acid: Helps fight against dry skin


Glycerin : Powerful moisturizer




Apply twice daily on cleansed and dry epidermis.

gently massage into the skin.