Sativa - Nutrient Soap (125g)


Daily body hygiene care.


Special for sensitive and dry skin conditions, this soap helps moisturizing the epidermis, decreasing irritations and keeping a soft and smooth skin.


Its unique combination of oatmeal and sodium PCA, promotes cell stimulation, thus allowing better regeneration and skin hydration.


Sodium PCA (Nalidone): Moisturises the skin and improves its appearance, gives the skin a moist and youthful glow, has powerfull anti oxydant effect (Vitamin E) and hydration effect (Glycerin and diglycerin).


Colloidal Oatmeal: Reduces irritation and redness of skin due to abrasion. Helps to preserve the moisture within  the skin more adequately.




Apply on wet skin.

Lather gently, then wash out carefully.