Food Supplement (42 tablets)


Daily tablet form for hair and nails.

Revitalising hair and nails.


This food supplement stimulates the keratin-forming process, revitalizes hair and nails and provides softness and youthfulness.


By fixing to keratin (in hair as well as in nails), nutrients like vitamins B, sulfur amino acids and essential minerals (zinc, silicium), can stimulate hair and nail growth and improve their appearance.



Cystin: It helps hair and nail to grow normally.


Methionin: It stimulates hair growth and ensures healthy hair, skin and nails.


Cocktail of vitamins B : B2, B5, B6, B8: Helps to fight against sebum overproduction, Helps to slow down hair loss, Improves growth of stronger hair, Prevents hair from becoming dry.


Zinc : Helps to nourish hair, Prevents them from becoming dry.


Silicium : Powerful antioxidant.


Nettle : naturally rich in zinc, copper, vitamins, minerals (iron, silicium, calcium), essential amino acids and proteins. It is also a powerful hair tonic. Thanks to iron and vitamins B, it revitalizes hair and nails providing softness and youthfulness.




1 tablet a day.

Use on a 3-month diet.

Not suitable for children below 8 years, and not for pregnant women whitout doctor’s advice.