Osmosia - Deep Moisturizing Gel (50ml)


The gel base is the ideal daily moisturizer for face : it has a fresh and tender texture. It quickly penetrates the epidermis leaving an ultra-thin, transparent film which moisturize immediately the skin.


It’s vital to moisturize, unify and nourish the delicate skin structures with elements that allow :

Ø   to improve and regulate daily moisturization

Ø   to reinforce their natural defenses (skin barrier)

Ø   to contribute unifying skin complexion


Skin is hydrated all day long.



Aqualance 3%: Osmoprotectant moisturiser. It ensures cell viability against the damaging environment by maintaining the water level and volume of the skin cells.


Betaine 2%: A true moisturizer, controls water balance in skin





Apply morning and evening on cleansed skin.