Disco- Unifying Micellar Solution (200ml)


This micellar water is capable of removing all traces of makeup, sebum and impurities of  the skin in one step.


It removes residues from the environment (makeup, air, pollution) and impurities from the natural functioning of the skin (sebum, sweat, peeling).


Micelles are cleansing molecules which act like magnets to capture all impurities without  irritation, rubbing and rinse off.



Complex of carefully-purified natural soy and rice peptides, and biotechnologically-produced superoxide dismutase

-> anti oxidant : it will prevent free radicals to attack the cell membranes and destroy them. Its anti free radical action helps fight against free radicals due to sun exposure.

-> protects the skin of the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

-> Strengthens the native collagen matrix and elastin for skin firmer and smoother.

-> Improved microcirculation for a reduction in puffiness and dark circles.


Allantoin: Keratolytic action -> reduces the thickness of the horny layer when the latter presents an abnormal magnification. -> Help remove dead cells, regenerates the skin and restores radiance and softness.


Mirabilis Jalapa extract: Reduces skin dryness, strengthens and moisturizes the skin.



Directions to use


Soak a cotton pad with our Micellar Water. Gently cleanse and remove make-up from your face and eyes. For external use only