Juvenia - Time Control Serum (30ml)


Anti ageing face serum


Juvenia Serum combats the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and helps to reverse the aging process.

Juvenia Serum combines a “youth blend” composed of a surcharged anti aging peptide, a redensifying extract, a tensor and firming ingredient, and hyaluronic acid for an optimal and immediate lifting effect.


Collagen booster, it will improve skin texture and elasticy, making the skin appear younger and healthier that everyoby will notice.



Matrixyl: Reduces wrinkles and lines and stimulates regeneration


Osilift: Immediate sensorial efficiency, visibly perceptible by consumer. A short and long term skin tensor and  anti wrinkle action


Linefactor (extrait d’hibiscus):  stimulates cell multiplication as well as collagen synthesis.


Sodium hyaluronate : Indispensable anti-age biomarker that hydrates skin, consolidates the dermal bed and thereby smooths out wrinkles.



Instructions for use

Apply morning or evening on cleansed skin for 3 months.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep away from children.

For external use only.