Regulator - Balancing Gel (40ml)


Daily face care for acne prone skin.


This balancing gel provides a double seboregulating action. It balances oily skin and excess of sebum due to synergistic action of multiple known ingredients.


Floxia Regulator achieves superior anti-acne activity, inhibits bacterias that infect skin pores while ensuring superior long term comedolytic action.


It provides long lasting shine control for a pure and clear skin thanks to soothing, nutrient and matifying properties.


Sébomine™ SB12 PF  : Reduces unwanted shine and gives the skin a matifying effect.


Azelaic acid: Works to treat acne by inhibiting the bacteria that infect skin pore, decreasing the production of keratin and normalizing sebum secretion. It improves skin tone, texture and firmness.


Salicylic Acid: Encourages exfoliation of excess dead skin cells. Increases cell turnover by causing exfoliating of dead skin cells.


Modified Corn Starch : matifying effect.


Zinc gluconate : sebum regulation.



Apply morning and evening on concerned areas.