Striex - Intimate Cleansing Fluid (200ml)


Daily intimate wash.


Specially designed for sensitive skin and mucosa, Floxia intimate cleansing fluid protects and soothes intimate areas of your body.

Its light texture, paraben, coloring, silicone & soap free, is adjusted to the sensitivity of your microflora balance.


Respects your microflora balance and protects against irritations,

Anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties,

Fights against the loss of sensation due to ageing.



Mix of vegetal extract mild anionic, amphoteric washing basis and extra agents with emollient, rehydrating, soothing and super fatting properties.


Argisens : Physio-plant activator of cell and sensorial communication.


Lactic acid : Moisturizes, adjusts to physiological pH and helps to prevent growth of bacterias.


Extract of bardane (Arctium majus) : Known for its antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent properties; and soothes sensitive or irritated skin.


α-Bisabolol : Known for its soothing and anti-free radical properties, which inhibit irritations. It also protects sensitive skin from damage caused by free radicals and makes the skin feel comfortable again.


Sodium PCA : Improves its appearance, gives the skin a moist and youthful glow, has powerfull anti oxydant effect (Vitamin E) and hydration effect (Glycerin and diglycerin).




Apply on external mucosa.

Make it lather and rinse thoroughly.

For external use only.